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Testimonials from Mediation Clients

I went into mediation very skeptical. Thank you for doing such a wonderful and professional job with care and sensitivity. Since we accomplished the divorce without much rancor or bitterness, we remain “business partners” in the care of the kids and the kids are as well off as they can be considering the circumstances. If we ever need help again you’d be the first person we call.

Thank you to you and your staff. This has been a difficult process but you have made it the best it could have been. We are friends; we love our kids and they love us.

Mediation helps you to feel that you are part of the process, that you have rights, and that you can affect the outcome. This is so different from the courts where most people sit ashen in vinyl chairs, elbow-to-elbow with strangers, nodding numbly to their high-paid attorneys who are negotiating in the hallway.

Thanks so much! You have supported me through this huge undertaking of divorce. Your patient explanations have helped me calm my anxiety and use my brain, And best of all, your rule, Patsy, of going only as fast as the slowest person has helped me stay in control of the process, air my feelings, then figure out what I want. Thank you.

Thanks you so much for your help through this period. Your mediation/legal process is really fine and healing both legally and emotionally. Thanks to this process we have been able to complete our dissolution while healing simultaneously.

I can’t recommend Patsy & the mediation process highly enough. We are able to be friends now because of it (& we are not strapped by a huge bill to pay off!)

I greatly appreciated the genuine care, concern, and interest shown by the whole staff. Patsy Schiff is not the typical lawyer. She has great ease with people and makes them feel comfortable. Because of her understanding of people you feel as though you’re talking with a friend. It is the rare person who can create such an air of ease and comfort with total strangers. I was greatly impressed with her commitment towards the welfare of the children. So many people I know who have divorced have horror stories regarding their lawyers. I am grateful that I do not have one. Patsy Schiff is truly a remarkable person and a dedicated, wonderful lawyer.

My second spouse and I discovered on our first date we had both been Patsy’s mediation clients! We give her credit for not carrying resentment towards our first spouses.

(From note enclosed with family photo from Disneyland) Another Satisfied Customer! Our trip to Disneyland as a family was 3 months after our divorce was final. And the best vacation we ever had!