Premarital, Relationship & Cohabitation Agreements

Written agreements can be used to define the financial aspect of a relationship so that the emotional aspect can flourish. Patsy brings to these discussions more than twenty-three years of experience as a mediator and estate planner. Her goal is to help you balance partnership and protection, to be sure you know the laws that will apply without an agreement, and to assist you in creating the rules for your relationship.

Although Patsy can work with just one member of the couple to either draft or review an agreement, she prefers to work with both members of the couple as a mediator. The process of mediation allows you to share your goals and concerns with the help of an experienced facilitator. It allows you to receive information about the law together, and apply that legal information to your situation while you are together, rather than getting information that reflects one lawyer’s perspective and then comparing that to the legal information the other partner receives from his/her lawyer.
Patsy will be sure that adequate disclosure has occurred so that your Agreement will be binding in the future, and so that your agreements are based on knowledge of both the facts and the law. 
Unmarried couples do not have the protections of community property and intestacy laws (unless they are registered domestic partners). A will or trust will ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event of death. Powers of Attorney are essential so that you name your agent of choice to make decisions about your financial affairs and health decisions in the event of your inability to do so.