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Estate Planning

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Patsy K. Schiff opened her estate planning law practice in Sacramento in 1983. Since beginning her training in mediation in 1984, she has been practicing both as an attorney and mediator in the areas of estate planning and family law. She has dedicated herself to learning effective dispute resolution, mediation, and communication skills so that she can assist her clients in as helpful a way as possible. Whether helping clients negotiate agreements in a comprehensive mediation for divorce or dissolution, or helping clients design an effective estate plan, the tools of clarifying communication help clients assess their options and goals. Patsy adds the element of education about the law that applies to the clients’ situation, whether family law rules, community property laws, or relevant tax laws so that clients can be as informed as possible in their decision-making and negotiation process. Patsy has worked with clients in the greater Sacramento and Northern California area for many years. Because of her years of experience, she is able to maximize efficiency to same time and money for the clients.

Patsy K. Schiff, Sacramento Lawyer

My Purpose

As an attorney and mediator, it is my goal to empower people to make their own decisions. I ensure that clients know all of the legal information that applies to their situation. I share the options that I have learned from working with hundreds of clients. We look together at all of the relevant information: concrete information such as assets and income, legal information, and “personal information” - the clients’ goals and concerns. Then we work methodically through the decision-making process. As a mediator, my goal is to help clients resolve their issues in a guided, step-by-step process. As we look together at the relevant concrete and legal information, I facilitate the clients’ communication. Since 1984 I have devoted myself to learning about the process of communication so that I can help people talk through difficult issues as gracefully, and as effectively, as possible. I believe my clients are the decision makers. My role is to assist them to make their decisions by sharing legal information with them, helping them to clarify their own goals and concerns, and helping them to look objectively at their own situation so that the solutions can be tailor-made to their goals.

Patsy K. Schiff, Attorney & Mediator
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